Who am I?

My name is Gunnar Roland Tjomlid and I am a Norwegian blogger and published author. My passion is science communication and critical thinking, and my Norwegian blog “Saksynt” (started in 2005) has been one of the most popular Norwegian blogs.

My “day-job” is as the owner, manager and web-developer of a small IT-company that I have run since 1999. But in my spare time I have been an active blogger, published two books about science and critical thinking, worked in television, written a lot for different Norwegian publications, travelled around to do public talks about science-related topics, and hosted multiple podcasts since 2010.

Even though I don’t have any formal education in the field of health or science, my blog has been widely read and loved by health professionals in Norway and other countries. I have been invited to do many talks for professionals like The Norwegian Medical Association, researchers, medical students, The Nordic Health Authorities etc. My blog has also been regarded as “recommended reading” for Norwegian medical students, and one of my books were purchased to be used as part of the curriculum for some students.

Apart from writing and being a nerd, I love photography and also do some professional photography work for clients - as well as for fun. I love producing podcasts, and growing up I used to work with music and theater.

I was born in Tanzania, have also lived a couple of years in Kenya, but grew up in a small village in the south of Norway. My mother is English and my father is Norwegian. I currently live in the south of Norway together with my girlfriend.

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